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The Drug and Alcohol Policy

The Drug and Alcohol Policy

CTSafe is committed to providing a workplace that is safe in every sense and fully productive, so that everyone can carry on their jobs and fulfill their responsibilities in the right manner. That means striving to ensure, among other things, that the workplace is free from the effects of substance abuse.
The following standards of behavior are required of all employees:

  • Employees should be fit and ready to carry out their work duties at all times.
  • Except where authorized for special occasions, alcohol is not permitted during working hours on any offices. Some offices have also been designated alcohol free at all times.
  • The misuse of legal drugs is prohibited, as is the use, possession, sale or distribution of illegal drugs.

We wisheย to ensure that all employees recognize the threat posed by substance abuse and aims at minimizing the risks involved.

Employees who believe they have a dependency on drugs or alcohol are encouraged to come forward and seek help and support.ย  As far as possible, an employee who volunteers a dependency on drugs and alcohol will be treated in the same way as an employee with any other illness.

The Board of Directors
20 Jan, 2020

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