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Instructors Codes of Conduct

At CTSafe Center, we believe that everyone benefits from practicing and promoting ethical behavior. Treating people around us with courtesy and respect is not only a matter of personal integrity but it is good business. Treating others with respect promotes an environment of openness that allows for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The purpose of the Code is to assist CTSafeย Centerย to establish and promote the maintenance and improvement of standards of professional conduct of trainers.

All instructors will

  • take care of learners under their supervision with the aim of ensuring their safety as is reasonably practicable
  • respect confidential information relating to learners gained in the course of professional practice, unless the wellbeing of an individual or a legal imperative requires disclosure
  • uphold the reputation and standing of the profession; act with honesty and integrity in all aspects of their work; and avoid direct conflict between their private interests and their professional work
  • respect learners, colleagues and co-professionals; and interact with them in a way that respects individual differences and cultural or ethnic diversity
  • appreciate relationships between trainers and learners; and conduct these relationships in a way that is professional, respectful and appropriate
  • provide complete and accurate information of the subject you are delivering

The Board of Directors
20 Jan, 2021

All instructors will not

  • practice the profession while under the influence of any substance which impairs their ability or medical fitness
  • misrepresent their relationship with CTSafe Center as an instructor to promote or influence private transactions or relationships
  • comment on the services provided by other training providers
  • use language, scenarios and examples that may be offensive to learners particularly with respect to race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, political believe, religion and mental or physical ability.

The Board of Directors
20 Jan, 2021

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