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World Safety Organization (WSO) Vietnam

World Safety Organization (WSO) Vietnamย 

CTSafe Center is the sponsor and a training provider to deliver preparation courses for WSO professional certification exam in Vietnam.


  • To encourage the effective exchange of information and experiences between members of the WSO;
  • Collaborate with other international organizations in areas of mutual concern;
  • Promote the continuous advancement of safety and accident prevention technology;
  • Strive for a universal level of professionalism and competence among its members and all professionals and practitioners in the multi-discipline of occupational and environmental safety, health and accident prevention;
  • And to advance the WSO overall theme ofโ€ฆ

โ€œMaking Safety a Way of Life . . . Worldwide.โ€

The WSO helps initiate safety organizations, gives incentives and support to others, and encourages advanced organizations in highly developed countries to share their expertise and wealth of knowledge with those needing this data.

The WSO conducts conferences, symposiums,ย and international congresses. The resulting findings, recommendations, and resolutions are for worldwide implementation as needed.

The WSO promotes safety / accident prevention professions and related fields. It strives for continuous professional development of and increased benefits for all practitioners in these fields.

The WSO strives to coordinate functions, activities, operations, and related works with other international bodies and organizations.

The WSO supports activities of other national and international professional organizations in their attempts to protect people, property, resources, and the environment.

Functions of the WSO

  • The WSO publishes WSO News-Letters and WSO Journals.
  • The WSO publishes the โ€œWSO Consultants Directoryโ€ as a service to its Certified Members and to the professional community. Only WSO Certified Members may be listed.
  • The WSO collects data on the professional skills, expertise and experience of its members in the WSO Expertise Bank for reference when a request is received for professional expertise, skill, experience.
  • The WSO provides a network program linking various areas of professional expertise needed in todayโ€™s international community.
  • The WSO develops training programs essential to national and international safety and establishes centers to support these programs.
  • The WSO Awards program is implemented annually at the WSO International Professional Conferences, Symposiums,ย orย Congresses.
  • The WSO provides recognition for safety publications, films, videos and other training and media materials.
  • The WSO receives proposals from professional safety groups/societies for review and if applicable, submits them to the United Nations for adoption.
  • The WSO establishes and supports divisions and committees to assist members in maintaining and updating their professional qualifications and expertise.
  • The WSO Chapters are located throughout the U.S.A. and around the world, to provide contact with the local communities, educational and industrial entities.
  • The WSO organizes and provides professional support for international and national groups of experts on all continents who are available to provide expertise and immediate help in times of emergencies.

World Safety Organization Vietnam (National Office) is a non-profit organization with theย ย Management Centerย office in USA. Our operational principles are fully aligned with the World Safety Organization Management Center. WSO Management Center has dedicated Representatives in the United Nations in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

We are operating this office under the rules, regulation and bylaws of the WSO Management Center in the US. WSO Office for Vietnam is granted by all rights, privileges and other honors to run its operational activities in Vietnam.

Our goal is to promote a safer and healthier workplace. We also develop safety professional competence via training and education. Our mission is to bring the world class safety behavior for workforces in Vietnam, especially for young and inexperienced workers.

We haveย a team of national and international occupational safety health and environment practitioners who have academic knowledge and practical experience in risk management and loss prevention controls in theย  fields.
Our main activities in Vietnam.

  • We develop WSOย membershipย to Vietnamese workforces;
  • We develop safety competence via WSO professionalย certificationsย and other corperate programs for safety personnel

Email us:ยย  ย  Hotline:ย 0768.49.49.49

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