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The International Board of Environmental Health & Safety (IBOEHS)

The International Board of Environmental Health & Safety (IBOEHS)

CTSafeย Center is an Authorized Training Provider of IBOEHS to deliver their courses in Vietnam andย  regional countries.

The International Board of Environmental Health & Safety, Inc. (IBOEHS) is a non-profit organization formed in 1998 with the self-proclaimed mission of Instilling Professionalism.ย 

With the philosophy that protecting the workforce regarding health and safety issues requires the managing of people, the Board established various levels of certifications to meet the needs of the people who have been assigned the responsibility of occupational health and safety.ย 

Each of the certifications offered by IBOEHS is registered with the U.S. Patents and Trademarks office, (as well as a multiple of countries throughout the world).

Furthermore, each certification has an accreditation requirement, therefore by obtaining certification in the field of occupational health & safety, a person demonstrates competency for their level of responsibility โ€“ a mark of professionalism.ย IBOEHS certifications are offered through various Authorized Training Provider worldwide.

Since theย  ย role of the person providing guidance on Environmental, Health and Safety protection, plays a vital role in keeping workers and the community safe and healthy. when an individual achieves an IBOEHS certification they are truly displaying not only their competency but their mark of professionalism as well.

Furthermore, IBOEHS certification examinations have a higher passing score requirement than any other certifications, meaning holders of an IBOEHS certification demonstrate their true desire for professionalism.

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