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Team of Instructors

Our team of instructors comes from different angles of the world. They are well-educated from accredited universities locally and internationally with a great source of experience in the subjects they conduct.ย Furthermore, they have hand-on work practice in leading companies that practises high safety standards, strong safety culture and mindsets.

Binh Pham

Safety Instructor

Adrian Estes

Senior Safety Instructor

Tuan Nguyen

Senior Safety Instructor

Apply for an Instructor

Apply for an Instructor

Why becomes our instructors?

There are many reasons why becoming our instructor. It could be beneficial for you and for the people you will be sharing your knowledge with. Sharing knowledge builds your profile as an expert leader as well.

  • Well paid training mandates
  • Opportunity to meet a wide range of professionals from the same field
  • Possibilities to teach nationwide and region etc

How to become an Instructor

How to become an Instructor
  • To have a bachelor degree in any field
  • To have a training qualification
  • To be five years experience in training health and safety

We expect every instructor to sign off our code of conduct for instructors when joining us.

At CTSafeย Center, we believe that everyone benefits from practicing and promoting ethical behavior. Treating people around us with courtesy and respect is not only a matter of personal integrity but it is a good business. In addition, treating others with respect promotes an environment of openness that allows for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The purpose of the Code is to assist CTSafeย Centerย to establish the maintenance and improvement of standards of professional conduct of trainers.

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